Mar 23 2012

AD-38: Patricia McKeon Leads in Fundraising With Scott Wilk Second


From Scott Lay’s Around the Capitol

This is not really a surprise with the wife of an incumbent Congressman,Santa Clarita Republican Buck McKeon leading in campaign cash.

However, it is interesting to note the Democrats have really not supported their candidate in this very Republican leaning California Assembly District – at least not yet. I suspect that some last minute money for a few diect mail pieces will come in closer to the June Primary.

The idea of strategy in the new California top-two election is to at least make it to the general election by finishing second. The way fundraising is going, might it be possible that two Republicans, Scott Wilk and Patricia McKeon win enough votes to face off a second time – in November?

This is possible, but with another underfunded Republican in the race, Paul Strickland, the split vote scenario might have one Republican finishing second.

I would love to see some polling in this race, but even that, with so many candidates, it might be difficult to get an accurate read.

It looks like College of the Canyons Trustee Scott Wilk will be somewhat funded for this race, but when the REAL money comes in from Rep. Buck McKeon, he may be outspent two or three to one. And, that is a lot of direct mail on behalf of Patricia McKeon, folks.

Here are the links for the individual fundraising pages:

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