Jun 26 2012

AD-48: Is Roger Hernandez Safe for Assembly Re-Election?


The answer to the question is NO.

Let’s look at the final June Presidential Primary electon numbers.

However, over the weekend, I got an e-mail from Mike Meza, who is the Democrat who ran for AD48 in the primary. That’s the seat in which Roger Hernandez is running for a third and final term. In the email, Meza endorses Republican Joe Gardner and writes:

“I have come to the conclusion that Hernandez is narcissistic, deceptive and has been, and continues to be, unqualified for the position he currently holds.”


Here are the pretty-much-final June results:

  • Gardner (R): 15,028
  • Hernandez (D): 14,323
  • Meza (D): 3,622

With Assemblyman Hernandez standing trial on August the 7th for his alleged drunken driving, it is likely that this negative PR will extend into the November election cycle. If the judge throws the book at Hernandez, then really watch out.

Hernandez represents a very Latino and very Democratic District. However, he is running against a Republican who spent less than a $1,000 in the June race and who is a retired cop.

I think it is safe to say that the GOP will pick up this seat.

Democrat POLS are already jocking for position to challenge for the seat in 2014.


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