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Nov 28 2012

AD-44: Jeff Gorell Panders on Illegal Immigration


California Assemblyman Jeff Gorell and wife, Laura
Photo: Facebook

After getting spanked by Hispanic voters in the last election, California Republican Assemblyman Jeff Gorell has changed his position on illegal immigration and wants to bring the GOP along with him.

In an op-ed piece yesterday in the Sacramento Bee, Gorell, a Camarillo Republican outlines his newly found position.

It’s time for Congress and the president to enact comprehensive immigration reform. And it’s time for Republicans to shift their position on the issue, indeed not only embracing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, but championing the cause. Doing so is the right thing to do, and it is consistent with the history and core values of the party of Lincoln and Reagan.

The Grand Old Party has long stood for opportunity and against tyranny. Republican defense of free markets and limited government has helped create economic opportunities and prosperity unlike any other country in the world.

These opportunities have attracted families to America who flee the economies of more intrusive, restrictive governments they leave behind. They are, as immigrants have been through America’s history, grateful neighbors who bring a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit to their adopted home country.

Unfortunately, the federal government has failed its responsibilities for managing immigration controls and policy, and as a result has placed Californians in an unacceptable position. By inaction in Washington, we are essentially asked to ignore our undocumented neighbors – many of whom are my constituents – and simply pretend they are not there. This simply cannot continue.

Jeff is simply Hispanic pandering, since against a generic, unknown Democrat, he did not meet up to expectations at the polls. He lost by over thirty points in heavily Hispanic Oxnard.

Hispanic outreach is one thing, but to dramatically ask for a shift in immigration policy – one that amounts to a blanket amnesty for millions of lawbreakers is not in the interests of California.

Jeff, there is plenty of time for outreach and plenty of time for the Congress to debate and enact a sensible change to immigration policy.

But, your histrionics will not help Republicans or California.


Apr 05 2012

AD-44: California Assemblyman Jeff Gorell Welcomed Home at California Lutheran University Event


California Assemblyman Jeff Gorell and wife, Laura
Photo: Facebook

Welcome home, Jeff!

Emotions ran high at Cal Lutheran University as Navy Lt. Commander Jeff Gorell, a member of the California State Assembly, was greeted with cheers and smiling faces by more than a hundred people Wednesday, who greeted and welcomed him home from Afghanistan.

Gorell served a year on active duty as a military intelligence officer.

“It’s fantastic to be back. Four months was a long time to be away from your family and the job you love, community you love, so I’m glad to be back,” he said.

He was on leave from the Assembly, with pay suspended, starting in March 20, 2011.

The images of his time spent at a military base deep in the Afghan war zone were still very vivid, as he stood in front of his family and admirers in Thousand Oaks.

Here is a video report from Los Angeles television.

And, one last photo, which I thought was especially moving:


Mar 30 2012

AD-44: California Assemblyman Jeff Gorell Returns Home From Afghanistan


California Assemblyman Jeff Gorell

Jeff Gorell has returned home to California and is ready to resume his California Assembly duties.

After a yearlong stint at war in Afghanistan, Assemblyman Jeff Gorell can unpack his bags now in Camarillo. He expects to finish processing paperwork today to transition out of active military duty.

“I’m back in California, I’m home,” Gorell told The Bee. “It’s great to be back.”

The 41-year-old, first-term Republican lawmaker expects to return to the Capitol on April 9, when the Assembly reconvenes after a weeklong recess.

“I’ll be there, rocking and rolling,” Gorell said. “I’m looking forward to getting back in the mix.”

Meanwhile, Gorell can spend time with his wife, Laura, and with their two young children.

Welcome home, Jeff!

There will be a welcome home celebration next week at California Lutheran University.


Mar 09 2012

AD-44: On Election Deadline Filing Day Where is California Assemblyman Jeff Gorell?


Jeff Gorell on Facebook: I took this out the back of a Marine Corps CH-53, deploying counter-measures over compound — in Sangin Khan Kalay, Helmand – Afghanistan

In Afghanistan is the short answer.

Republican California Assemblyman Jeff Gorell will be ending his year-long tour of Afghanistan soon and has already filed for re-election.

Stay safe, Jeff and see you soon!


Feb 23 2012

AD-44: Welcome Home Assemblyman Jeff Gorell


California Assemblyman Jeff Gorell

My California Assemblyman Jeff Gorell is returning from his deployment in Afghanistan and his friends and family are planning a welcome home party.

From the press release:

Here is the website for the welcome home celebration.

By the way, his wife, Laura will be filing Jeff’s re-election candidacy papers for the newly constituted AD-44.

White the district is competitive, Gorell will have to be considered the front-runner.