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Jan 04 2013

The California Flap: January 4, 2013


California LegislatureEnjoy your last few days of respite from the State of California because the Legislature returns on Monday.

The California Assembly will start its session at noon and the California State Senate at 2 PM.

Today’s schedule is here.

The California Assembly’s Daily File is here and the California State Senate’s is here.

Some important deadlines to remember:

  • January 25, 2013: Deadline to send bill ideas to the California Legislative Counsel for drafting.
  • February 22, 2013: Deadline to introduce bills.

Each member of the Assembly and State Senate are allowed to introduce up to 40 bills in this two year legislative session.

On to a few California headlines:

In suburbs of L.A., a cottage industry of birth tourism

USA Baby Care’s website makes no attempt to hide why the company’s clients travel to Southern California from China and Taiwan. It’s to give birth to an American baby.

“Congratulations! Arriving in the U.S. means you’ve already given your child a surefire ticket for winning the race,” the site says in Chinese. “We guarantee that each baby can obtain a U.S. passport and related documents.”

That passport is just the beginning of a journey that will lead some of the children back to the United States to take advantage of free public schools and low-interest student loans, as the website notes. The whole family may eventually get in on the act, since parents may be able to piggyback on the child’s citizenship and apply for a green card when the child turns 21.

Dan Walters: There’s no off-season in California politics

This new year has an odd number, and traditionally that has meant it would be free of elections and campaigning.

However, there’s no longer an off-season in California politics. It’s a 365/24/7 business, and 2013 promises to continue that somewhat dubious trend with a full slate of elections for local and legislative offices.

The star attraction, if that’s an accurate description, will be the mayoralty of Los Angeles, our largest – and in some ways most troubled – city.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is ending his roller-coaster reign this year and is apparently angling for an Obama Cabinet position, although he also seems to be doing his best to make himself radioactive.

See you on Monday!