SD-27: California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth Declines a State Senate Run


Scott Wilk (Assembly candidate for Smyth’s seat), Lena Smyth and California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth

Looks like Agoura Hills Democrat California state Senator Fran Pavley will have an easy time winning re-election this November.

Republican Assemblyman Cameron Smyth has decided not to run for the state Senate this year.

Smyth had been mentioned as a possible GOP candidate to butt heads with Democratic Sen. Fran Pavley for a Ventura County swing seat, the 27th Senate District.

“I just felt the seat wasn’t right for me at this time – not the right seat, not the right time,” Smyth said.

The Santa Clarita resident said he has decided to return to his Southern California home and be a “better husband and better father” after he is termed out of the Assembly this year. He has three children, ages 8, 5 and 18 months.

Smyth, a government relations consultant before entering the Legislature, said he is not sure where or in what field he will work next year.

“I’m a conservative at heart and I’ve never expected to spend my entire career chasing a government paycheck,” he said.

The fact is with redistricting, this race would be tough for any Republican.

Here is the district map:

Around the Capitol has the breakdown of the SD-27.

Democrat Pavley is a long time POL who has been active in the newly drawn district for years. She has a ton of campaign cash. The State Senate District has been redrawn with a more Democratic Party voter demographic.

Is there any doubt why Cameron Smyth took a pass on this race?

Smyth is young, and experienced. If he wants more politics, there will be more suitable races in his future – like 74 year old Rep. Buck McKeon’s seat – eventually.


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