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California Proposition 29 Tobacco Tax Rejected by Voters


No on Prop 29 spokesperson Dr. La Donna Porter

The vote was close, but the election is over and California Proposition 29 has failed at the polls.

An attempt to levy a $1-per-pack tax increase on cigarettes was narrowly rejected by voters amid a high-stakes campaign in which the tobacco industry and its allies spent some $47 million to kill the measure, according to an Associated Press projection.

The secretary of state’s office reported that the tally for Proposition 29, out of some 4.9 million votes cast, was about 2.52 million opposed and 2.49 million in favor, a difference of less than 30,000 votes.

The vote count on Proposition 29, which was sponsored by a cancer-research coalition, has been close since the June 5 primary election as the returns were tallied. About 100,000 votes remain to be counted.

In California’s economic climate, voters are just not willing to approve increased taxation – no matter how noble or altrusitic the cause.

Here is a map of the California Proposition 29 votes by California County.

I am positive the supporters will be back with a revised proposal in 2014.


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