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The California Nurses Association Wants to Raise Californian’s Taxes


California Nurses Association members

The California Nurses Association are spending large to support California Governor Jerry Brown’s California Proposition 30.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday collected the California Nurses Association’s endorsement, a $1 million contribution and a pledge of boots on the street to support his tax-hike measure on November’s ballot.

Flanked by the leadership of the CNA and National Nurses United’s leadership and a phalanx of red-shirted nurses, Brown called it “a generous contribution and one sorely needed to present the choice to the people of California.”

Big as that check is, it pales beside the latest $5 million pumped into Proposition 38, a competing tax measure, by its proponent, Molly Munger of Pasadena. Munger’s total stake so far is almost $13.8 million, some of which already is being spent on television advertising.

A poll released last week by the California Business Roundtable and Pepperdine University showed 56.2 percent support for Brown’s measure, Proposition 30 — not a strong showing with three months to go before Election Day.

And the governor has a big public-relations problem — at the very least — as he simultaneously asks voters to hike taxes for the general fund while trying to explain why some of the state’s special funds might have millions more squirreled away than previously believed. He said his Finance Department will deliver a comprehensive report on that Friday.

Organized labor, including the nurses are going all in for this tax increase proposed by Democrat Governor Jerry Brown.

Funny thing though, is that even if the tax increases pass, the California budget deficit will still remain in the $ billions.

California taxpayers are being sold a load of political BS and the nurses, among others, are paving the way.


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