AD-38: The Signal Scolds Endorsee Edward Headington


Screencap of The Signal.ComThe Signal (Santa Clarita Newspaper and Website)

I wonder if The Signal regrets endorsing Democrat Edward Headington? It sure sounds like it in today’s opinion piece.

Edward Headington, candidate for the 38th Assembly District, has done something in the last few days of the 2012 campaign that is extremely misleading — and we feel he should be called out on it.

Headington sent out a mailer in the last few days attacking his opponent Scott Wilk. It’s one of those schlocky last-minute attack mailers with garish design, screaming headlines — you know those things that candidates do at the last minute to scare voters.

This particular mailer uses The Signal’s logo and gives the appearance that our company produced and distributed the mailer. This is not the case. We had nothing to do with the mailer. The Signal first learned of it Friday when a reader brought it to our offices to show us. We don’t know where Headington got The Signal’s logo.

When confronted about it, Headington apologized to us, saying that he used the logo to make sure that quotes on the flyer from a recent Signal editorial endorsing him were properly sourced (The Signal formally endorsed Headington in October.) He said he didn’t know it was wrong to use the logo. Headington owns a public affairs firm, so we find that answer unacceptable.

By this action, Headington sinks to the level of just your run-of-the-mill attack candidate trying to manipulate the electorate at the last minute. We’re disappointed in him as we are any candidate who stoops to such a level.

We feel that Headington has wronged The Signal, his opponent Scott Wilk and the voters at large by such a misrepresentation.

To set the things straight The Signal should repudiate Headington and endorse Scott Wilk, his Republican opponent.

This won’t happen because The Signal would have to admit they misread the Democrats character in the first place – which they did.

By the way, vote for Scott Wilk on Tuesday!


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