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AD-38: Patricia McKeon Again Benefits from Defense Industry


Rep. Buck McKeon and his wife, Patricia, a candidate for California Assembly with House Speaker Boehner

Remember my piece about Rep. Buck McKeon and his defense industry friends supporting the California Assembly candidacy of his wife, Patricia McKeon?

Well, here we go again.

The Barritts of Santa Clarita are Republicans and they donate, modestly, to the GOP, though not much over $11,000 since they started giving money to Buck McKeon in 1997. William Barritt is a high-ranking officer of Aerospace Dynamics and like his boss, the company CEO, John Cave (and Mrs. Cave, who also works at the company), Barritt gives almost every nickel of his contributions to Buck McKeon. Aerospace Dynamics is one of McKeon’s top donors. And they have been major beneficiaries of his tenure as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and of his herculean efforts to fill the skies over America with deadly drones. As founder and head of the House Unmanned Systems Caucus, McKeon has been able to assure his contributors that they will be very, very wealthy from contracts from the federal government. But, still, there’s something funny about this invitation to a fundraising party at the Barritts’ home in Stevenson Ranch next week:

You get the picture, don’t you?

Rep. Buck McKeon is regulated by federal law as to how much he can receive as political contributions from special interests, like defense contractors, who receive business from the federal government. His wife, Patricia McKeon who is his federal campaign treasurer is paid a salary from her husband’s campaign account.

I have documented this unethical transfer of federal campaign funds a couple of times. Both McKeon’s are quite good at enriching themselves from their defense contractor friends and Buck’s campaign account.

Patricia McKeon is now running for the California Assembly and the McKeon’s are taping the defense contractor tip jar again. Sort of a double dip, no?

Is this illegal?

Perhaps or perhaps not, but it is certainly revealing how these two POLS have enriched themselves while doing the public’s business.

It isn’t Buck McKeon they’re raising money for. They’ve already given him all they can. It’s his wife, Patricia McKeon, who’s running for a state Assembly seat. That’s odd. The Barritt’s have never donated to a state legislative candidate before. Neither has Aerospace Dynamics. I wonder what possibly could have made them change their minds and throw a big shindig for Mrs. McKeon, currently running a very distant fourth in a 4-man primary.

I cannot vote in this election since I live in Thousand Oaks which is outside the district. But, I am embarrassed at this blatantly unethical conduct on the part of the McKeons.

If I could vote in this election, I would vote for Scott Wilk.


AD-38: Patricia and Rep. Buck McKeon Still Trying to Shut Down Critical Blog


Really Patricia? Blog Screenshot

What a shocker – NOT!

Patricia Mckeon is trying to shut me down?

It’s been no secret that the Mckeons hate this blog. They have actively been trying to silence me for some time now. This is no longer just an opinion, but a matter of fact. First they falsely accused an innocent man, Scott Wilk, of running this blog. (There are too many links so just Google “Patricia Mckeon lies“) They made this accusation to the LA County DA, a Mckeon endorser, in an attempt to dirty Wilk’s name.

Well, that didn’t stick and they were told to pound sand.

So now they are trying to get the domain for this blog turned off in yet another attempt to silence free speech.

Where are these people from, China? Does our constitution and the rights it guarantees  mean anything to Buck and Patricia Mckeon?

Here are the details that I now am aware of.

  • Patricia Mckeon filed a complaint with Network Solutions(NS) to have my domain name revoked.
  • Patricia herself, while speaking with a representative from NS, made the claim that she was being defrauded.
  • She made these claims because I choose not provide my real name and address on the domain registration (Duh! Does the word anonymous mean anything).
  • Buck and Patricia are currently considering civil litigation against me.

Well, I wish them good luck, because I don’t think they will be successful.

But, if they are – for some odd reason, I have extended the invitation to the writer to blog here or over at anonymously.


AD-38: New Study Finds Patricia McKeon Continuing to Enjoy the Fruits of Husband Rep Buck McKeon’s Campaign Account


Rep. Buck McKeon and his wife, Patricia, a candidate for California Assembly with House Speaker Boehner

Remember my previous post on how Patricia McKeon enriched herself with the help of her husband, Rep. Buck McKeon? The chart I included in the post were figures from 2001-2006.

Here is the chart again:

Now, there is a new report out that covers the 2008 and 2010 election cycles.

A new study by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) of House members found 248 examples of members using their positions to enrich relatives or themselves, and almost all of it apparently was done legally. Some of those cited in the study, entitled a “Family Affair,’ are well known lawmakers, including Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, a Republican  presidential candidate, Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Calif., the powerful chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MO) a member of the House Financial Services Committee.

“This report shows lawmakers still haven’t learned it is wrong to trade on their positions as elected leaders to benefit themselves and their families,” said CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan. “Conduct like this reinforces the widely held view that members of Congress are more interested in enriching themselves than in public service.”

Here are the specifics regarding Patricia McKeon:

  • Ms. McKeon is the treasurer for Buck McKeon for Congress, and the highest-paid employee on the campaign’s payroll.8
  • During the 2008 election cycle, Rep. McKeon’s campaign committee paid Ms. McKeon $119,674 in salary.9
  • During the 2008 election cycle, Rep. McKeon’s campaign committee reimbursed Ms. McKeon $4,379 for office supplies, transportation and meals.10
  • During the 2010 election cycle, Rep. McKeon’s campaign committee paid Ms. Mckeon $118,764 in salary.11
  • During the 2010 election cycle, Rep. McKeon’s campaign committee reimbursed Ms. McKeon $2,441 for campaign travel and meals.12

Let’s see that is a total since 2001 of over $500,000 that Patricia McKeon has received from her Congressman husband’s campaign account.

All of this is legal, but are Rep. McKeon and Assembly candidate Patricia McKeon interested in public service or enriching themselves?

This will be something that candidates in the 38th District California Assembly race will have to ask Patricia – if she ever shows up to debate.


AD-38: Patricia McKeon Upgrades Website and Lists Endorsements


From the Patricia McKeon endorsement page

Quite a significant upgrade, which I suppose went live once filing has been finished – although we will now have to wait until 5 PM on Wednesday night.

Patricia’s endorsement are no surprise = mainly Congressional colleagues of her husband, Rep. Buck McKeon

Nice website and should be an indication that Patricia will run on the internets along with Scott Wilk.

They are both very active on Facebook as well.


AD-38: Los Angeles County Republican Party Makes NO Endorsements in Assembly Race


Santa Clarita Valley California Republican Assemblyman Cameron Smyth who has endorsed Republican Scott Wilk and Scott Wilk at fundraiser

There are three Republican candidates, so far, in AD-38:

  • Scott Wilk, College of the Canyons Trustee and businessman
  • Paul Strickland, William S. Hart Union High School District, Governing Board Member
  • Patricia McKeon, wife of California Rep. Buck McKeon and campaign worker

 Candidate filing has been extended until Wednesday.

It is understandable that the Los Angeles County GOP did not endorse in this race.

Republicans representing Los Angeles County have chosen to endorse Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon in the local House race, but chose not to endorse any candidate in the 38th California Assembly District race, including McKeon’s wife, Patricia.

On Saturday, Republicans representing 26 districts inside Los Angeles County met in Los Angeles to select candidates for endorsement in upcoming city, county, state and federal elections.

Bob Haueter, chair of the 38th Republican Party Central Committee, was among those attending the event.

“The L.A. County Republican Party endorsed Congressman McKeon for re-election over his two Republican primary opponents,” he told The Signal on Sunday.

“The (L.A.) party chose not to endorse in the contested 38th Assembly seat, where Patricia McKeon, Scott Wilk and Paul Strickland are seeking election,” he said.


There are three Republican challengers and no incumbent office holder. It will be a highly contested race.

California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth who currently holds the seat pictured above is term-limited and prohibited from running for re-election. Smyth has endorsed Scott Wilk, however.

A “NO” endorsement, if anything, is a slap in the face to Patricia McKeon since she is the wife of Santa Clarita Valley Congressman Buck McKeon, who was endorsed for re-election.