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AD-38: Scott Wilk Beats Patricia McKeon Moves On to November


From the California Secretary of State

Republican Community College Trustee Scott Wilk has beat back a Republican challenge from Rep. Buck McKeon’s wife, Patricia, to win a top two spot in the November general election. Wilk will face Democrat Edward Headington.

AD-38 is a heavily Republican weighted district and Scott Wilk is the  super favorite to win the seat now occupied by Republican Assmblyman Cameron Smyth.

I have known Scott for many years and I have to congratulate him on a well-run campaign.

Scott Wilk on election night. Photo from Facebook


SD-27: California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth Declines a State Senate Run


Scott Wilk (Assembly candidate for Smyth’s seat), Lena Smyth and California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth

Looks like Agoura Hills Democrat California state Senator Fran Pavley will have an easy time winning re-election this November.

Republican Assemblyman Cameron Smyth has decided not to run for the state Senate this year.

Smyth had been mentioned as a possible GOP candidate to butt heads with Democratic Sen. Fran Pavley for a Ventura County swing seat, the 27th Senate District.

“I just felt the seat wasn’t right for me at this time – not the right seat, not the right time,” Smyth said.

The Santa Clarita resident said he has decided to return to his Southern California home and be a “better husband and better father” after he is termed out of the Assembly this year. He has three children, ages 8, 5 and 18 months.

Smyth, a government relations consultant before entering the Legislature, said he is not sure where or in what field he will work next year.

“I’m a conservative at heart and I’ve never expected to spend my entire career chasing a government paycheck,” he said.

The fact is with redistricting, this race would be tough for any Republican.

Here is the district map:

Around the Capitol has the breakdown of the SD-27.

Democrat Pavley is a long time POL who has been active in the newly drawn district for years. She has a ton of campaign cash. The State Senate District has been redrawn with a more Democratic Party voter demographic.

Is there any doubt why Cameron Smyth took a pass on this race?

Smyth is young, and experienced. If he wants more politics, there will be more suitable races in his future – like 74 year old Rep. Buck McKeon’s seat – eventually.


AD-38: California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth Endorses Scott Wilk for Assembly


Scott Wilk, Lena Smyth and California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth

This is a HUGE endorsement for Scott Wilk since he is running for the Assembly Seat where incumbent Assemblyman Cameron Smyth is not allowed to run for re-election due to term limits.

Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, R-Santa Clarita, announced Saturday night that he was endorsing Scott Wilk — one of four candidates running for the 38th Assembly District — for the seat he will be vacating.

In the open June primary, Wilk is expected to face fellow Republicans Patricia McKeon, wife of Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon; local high school board member Paul Strickland; and Democrat and Santa Fernando Valley businessman Edward Headington.

The two top vote-getters will appear on the November presidential ballot.

Smyth said that he has known Wilk since his father, Clyde Smyth, pointed to Wilk as someone to talk to when Smyth was looking to get into politics. Smyth attended a fundraiser held on behalf of Wilk at Shelley and G. Marshall Hann’s Valencia home Saturday evening.

“In my mind, there is no better person to go to Sacramento and represent the 38th District than Scott Wilk,” Smyth said. “In the era of term limits, you don’t have time for people to slowly learn the system.”

Smyth added that he feels comfortable — as a constituent — supporting Wilk. Smyth declined to state what his future plans were in an interview with the Signal Saturday night, saying that he wanted the focus to remain on Wilk.

“I feel very comfortable as a constituent in the 38th Assembly District in supporting Scott,” Smyth said.

Scott Wilk has now have to be considered the Republican front-runner in this race. Smyth’s endorsement will help Wilk with not only other Republicans, but certainly in fundraising.


AD-38: Scott Wilk Receives the Endorsement of California Young Republicans


From the press release.

Republican Assembly candidate Scott Wilk has received the endorsement of the California Young Republican Federation, the statewide Young Republican organization representing thousands of Young Republicans from chapters throughout California.  The statewide endorsement follows the already strong endorsement of the Ventura County Young Republicans and San Fernando Valley Young Republicans CYRF chapters.

“The fight for the future of our state affects the next generation more than anyone and I am committed to fighting for the things that need to get done to change the direction of our state,” said Wilk.  “I’m not running because I don’t want to pay 10 cents for a grocery bag, I’m running to tackle the big challenges ahead like balancing our budget, and reforming the way the state taxes and regulates business.  We need someone ready to do the heavy lifting that will create jobs and make California the ‘Golden State’ again.”

“Scott Wilk has fought in the trenches of the conservative movement for decades,” said CYRF Executive Director Ashley Ingram.  “We know we can count on him because we’ve worked along side him and seen him in action.  He is the kind of can-do leader we need, not just a seat warmer.  The Young Republicans are proud to stand with him and will work hard to insure his election.”

It seems like Scott Wilk is racking up the endorsements of local and statewide Republican organizations.

In case you missed it
, incumbent Assemblyman Cameron Smyth who is rumored to be running for a California State Senate seat for the Thousand Oaks area (replacing Senator tony Strickland who is running for Congress) will be featured at a fundraising event for Scott Wilk on Saturday.


SD-27: Bob Hertzberg Decides Not to Run for California State Senate


Former California Assembly Speaker and L.A. Mayoral candidate Bob Hertzberg

I suppose the former Assembly Democratic Speaker did not want to go head to head against incumbent California State Senator Fran Pavley of Agoura Hills.

When Pavley decided not to move to her beach house in Oxnard and run in the neighboring SD-19, it forced a decisionon a race that Hertzberg did not want to make.

Senate leader Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) had reached out to Hertzberg about possibly running for the seat, hoping that the more liberal Pavley would opt to run in a safer Democratic district anchored in Oxnard. But when Pavley refused to move, Steinberg announced his support for her.

“I believe the extraordinary challenges we face in California can best be met with big ideas and independent voices,” Hertzberg said in a statement bowing out of the race. “Pursuing a partisan campaign at this time would inevitably distract from my top priority — reforming our government to better serve its citizens.”

It appears now that Democrat Pavley will now face off against term limited out Republican Assemblyman Cameron Smyth of Santa Clarita since Republican State Senator Tony Strickland has decided to run for Congress.