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SD-27: Bob Hertzberg Decides Not to Run for California State Senate


Former California Assembly Speaker and L.A. Mayoral candidate Bob Hertzberg

I suppose the former Assembly Democratic Speaker did not want to go head to head against incumbent California State Senator Fran Pavley of Agoura Hills.

When Pavley decided not to move to her beach house in Oxnard and run in the neighboring SD-19, it forced a decisionon a race that Hertzberg did not want to make.

Senate leader Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) had reached out to Hertzberg about possibly running for the seat, hoping that the more liberal Pavley would opt to run in a safer Democratic district anchored in Oxnard. But when Pavley refused to move, Steinberg announced his support for her.

“I believe the extraordinary challenges we face in California can best be met with big ideas and independent voices,” Hertzberg said in a statement bowing out of the race. “Pursuing a partisan campaign at this time would inevitably distract from my top priority — reforming our government to better serve its citizens.”

It appears now that Democrat Pavley will now face off against term limited out Republican Assemblyman Cameron Smyth of Santa Clarita since Republican State Senator Tony Strickland has decided to run for Congress.


SD-27: Former California Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg to Challenge Senator Tony Strickland?


Former California Assembly Speaker and L.A. Mayoral candidate Bob Hertzberg

This is the rumor circulating around Sacramento.

SEEN IN SACRAMENTO: Yesterday’s Leadership California Institute gathered 37 candidates for Assembly at the Citizen Hotel, where they heard from former legislative leaders Jim Brulte, Bob Hertzberg, Curt Pringle, and Willie Brown. Of course, what happens at The Citizen stays in the ol’ do-gooders building.

THE MAIN WHISPER: Okay…one piece…former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg’s passionate (and verbose) performance propped up the rumor that he is heading to Ventura to run in SD27 against Tony Strickland. This would leave Fran Pavley with three choices–stay and run (unlikely), head north to SD19 (she reportedly has a condo in Oxnard), or run in CD26 against Elton Gallegly and four declared Democrats. As the only woman with five men in the race, she’d be very likely to end up in the November run-off.

Bob Hertzberg would be a formidable candidate for California State Senator Tony Strickland. But, this house of cards and how they sort out all depend upon Rep Elton Gallegly, who Strickland hopes retires.

Since I do not think Gallegly is going anywhere with $800K plus in the bank, Tony will face off against a better candidate then Hanna-Beth Jackson.

Here is the breakdown of the SD-27 District.

Stay tuned…..